raising conscious    connected little ones

When it comes to our children everything matters. Everything we do makes an impression. Every action, every interaction, every tone. What we do and the energy with which we do is often so much more important than what we say. Children will imitate our joy. If I want to raise a kind, compassionate and conscious kid, I hope to instil these qualities by joyfully living a kind, compassionate and conscious life. Join me on my natural, gentle, conscious parenting journey where I’ll be sharing by thoughts on everything from breastfeeding to alternative medicine to why our shoes are always muddy.

Eating clean vibrant nourishing vegan food

Isn’t vegan food just the most delicious? It’s probably all the love that goes into it. Love for the animals. Love for our planet. Love for our own body and soul. All the love. That’s what veganism is about. I became vegan when my baby was born and my husband, Sand, and I chose to raise our baby vegan because we wanted our food choices to stem from love and compassion just like everything else in life. So that’s why I get super excited about sharing my vegan, refined sugar free, mostly gluten free recipes - because I want to shout from all the rooftops about how colourful and delicious and healing a plant based lifestyle can be :). 

living a low impact, eco-friendly lifestyle

We’re still at the beginning of our journey towards a low impact lifestyle but I’ll be sharing the progress we have made at home :). Whether it is making baby wipes at home or buying toys made from sustainable resources or making your own shampoos and soap bars, I’m learning every day about little and not-so-little changes we can make in our lives to take better care of our glorious giving planet! 

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