That Girl

I’ve never been the matching bra and underwear girl. And I always thought it was because I didn’t care/didn’t want to make the effort - so what if they don’t match - no big deal. What I realised much later when I really thought about it was that it was because I have never seen myself as quote unquote sexy.

I’ve always known that growing up struggling with my weight had a large impact on my self-esteem but I hadn’t realised to what extent. I’ve never allowed myself to see myself as that girl. But what I have come to realise is that (1) there is no ‘that girl’ - women are all multi-dimensional and sexy in their own right, (2) that I have to free myself from the labels I have attached to myself for so long/that others have attached to me and that (3) I have been doing myself an immense disservice. I actually quite like the idea of wearing gorgeous matching lingerie.

And so a few months ago I chucked pretty much all my existing undergarments (can't believe it took me so long but better late than never) and invested in gorgeous matching pieces that make me feel beautiful and sexaay and all of that good stuff. I know it shouldn't be dependent on material things but it definitely doesn't hurt.

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