Why We Don't Go To Disneyland


We have been to LA every year for the past three years. People ask us why - we say the incredible vegan food, the sunshine and the overall convenience when travelling with a little one. Each time we've been since we've had Arjun, we've been asked whether we’ll be taking him to Disneyland. The answer is - we won't be.

It’s not that we don’t have time to do it - it’s just I would always choose to do something else over taking him there. I've been pre-Arjun and had a good time, but now instead of that in your face, loud over-stimulation, I would much much rather he have an extra day at the beach. Getting to chase the waves, float around in the sea, search for cool looking shells - being wet and sandy with barely any clothing on and in the sun all day long. I can’t think of many things better than that. When we’re on holiday I want Arjun to experience things he’s not able to at home - sunshine and the beach are top on the list - and even on the busiest beach day - there is still a calmness and stillness to the sand and the sea - just looking out into the ocean is such a tranquil experience and I’d choose this over a theme park every day. Already my favourite holiday memories with Arjun are of us in the sea.

An enriched environment (i.e. one that is optimum for emotional and physical development) is one which offers new experiences that are rich in combined social, physical, cognitive and sensory interaction. The beach is the ultimate ‘enriched’ environment - hanging out together under the warm sun, feeling sand between your toes. I love that it can be scaled up - you can be really active if you want to be - building intricate sandcastles/playing football in the sand/swimming in the sea) or it can be totally chilled out - dozing on a beach blanket in the sun.

And going back to my original point about Disneyland - Arjun has technically already been there - Sand and I went with family a couple of years ago when he was in my belly and that totally counts 😂😀. This is a picture of us this time last year - beaching ❤️❤️❤️

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