Why Impressions Matter


Every single interaction with a child leaves an impression on their soul. every interaction, every impression, everything we expose their senses to create footprints in their heart and mind. And it is from these impressions that a little person is formed and their opinions, attitude and views shaped.

Let’s not let that be a scary thought (because shit that’s scary) but instead let us try and use each moment as an opportunity to fill our child’s soul with uplifting positive hopeful impressions. Impressions filled with love and nature and kindness and spirituality. And (and this may be controversial) censor who your child spends time with. If I don’t think they’ll create positive and gentle impressions on Arjun - sorry mate, will have to catch you next time. Brutal, but at this very tender age of 2 when everything is being repeated, every action is being copied, every sense is in overload trying to absorb as much of his surroundings and the people around him as possible, and he’s not yet fully able to grasp why we don’t do certain things or behave in certain ways, I have to pick and choose very carefully who my baby associates with on a regular basis. Everything matters.

Here’s my baby in his favourite place amongst the trees ❤️ Woods, you’ve made the cut 😂🙊.


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